London Investment Office

LIO provides impartial, expert investment advice to long-term institutional Asset Owners.

LIO comprises a principal founder, Paul Dixon, and a wide range of on-call industry experts.

With deep experience and skills ranging across all aspects of Asset Management, Risk Management, Investment Banking and senior executive roles, LIO covers most areas of advisory services required by Institutional Asset Owners.

Current clients include pension funds, university endowments and university-associated funds. LIO has extensive recent experience both in the Life Insurance Asset Management industry and working with Private Equity Sponsors.

Client sizes, as measured by AUM, have ranged from £30 million, to over £20 billion.

LIO has a particular interest in providing advice to the foundation, endowment charitable sectors, where cost-effective expert advice has often not been available.

By targeting these areas, with a focus on quality and impartiality, LIO seeks to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to discuss a project of ay size, or just wish to have a discussion about any particular aspect of investing, please contact us.